You’re everywhere I see
In my periphery



Better like I am

They ask me “When you childhood ends?”
Nose in, nose in “You should have friends”
Instead of judging, try something new
Ask yourself why I do not want to be friend with you
They say “You’re hiding behind your mother’s skirts”
Do not worry, I will buy her pants and shirts
It is not my fault if my Mom is always here for me
It is not my fault if they are not worthy
If you need a reason to be better than me
It means that you are your worst enemy
“Be an adult, be an adult” They urge
Wanting to keep me down, I will just find a new surge
Yeah, I like being alone but I am not sad
People, people and their small world are mad
I am happy like I am, I need advices not orders
The only thing that I should change is my advisers
People, people, always trying to hurt the happy
I prefer my joy, let us agree to disagree
Talk talk talk, but I prefer to act
You are not satisfied, here is the real fact
It is called jealousy, stop blaming everything I do
It feels like you think that my happiness is an issue
If you need a reason to be better than me
It means that you are your worst enemy



If I could travel in time
I would go to when
I can tell you everything

But for now I must
keep my heart damn shut
and my eyes horizontal to your vertical


Isn’t it ironic

Dear old friend,
you always gave me comfort
filled my mind when thoughts were scarier

But now
What happened?
What did I do?
It breaks me more than heals me
What do I do when my coping mechanism is lost?

I’ll miss the goosebumps
I’ll miss the wholeness
It’s not worth the breakdowns
I’d rather be empty than cry
at every other song.


Not him

My skin feels hot
I look down and see my talons
breaking, scratching, begging
to escape this flesh

The salt from my eyes burns the wounds
What’s the point of the pain
if I can never escape
Who I am

Who am I
Why am I not them?
I can never be him
My rejection chokes me silent



Oh I’ve tried
but it’s like I skipped the tutorial and I don’t know how to play
and when they see me I feel like I did something wrong, a man among trees
every glance makes me freeze